Why you should consider writing articles and blogs?

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

Why you should consider writing articles and blogs?

'Get your coffee ready and let's begin the journey of new life'. It was the quote that I said to myself that day. Before that, I used to surround myself with procrastinating about writing the things that I learn every day. I was also suffering from a social anxiety disorder. I was quite known of all these problems but never had the courage to face them. But now I am changing myself and this blog is the proof of concept.

Let's talk a bit about me. I just started learning and exploring cloud technologies. Previously, I was involved in various fields like development, programming, marketing, SEO, and others. I was like a jack of all trades and master of none. But now, I am more focused on learning cloud technologies and how it is helping businesses to grow in the modern world.

Now about blogging, it is a simple term that refers to writing about anything in a properly structured way. We all are writers in some way. It is the only thing that some write and post often in different media and some just write in their mind and make a directory of their writings in their head ( I prefer now writing in digital media rather than on my head :).Well, the idea behind blogging is just to express views, thoughts, ideas, and a process. It can be of any kind. For blogging, you can pick any niche topic like programming, deployment, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, housing, kinder garden, and many others. If you plan to list the niches, you can have more than 1000 niches. It's just that the niche is already available and now you should be available to write and publish.

Blogging also helps to earn side income if your blog can bring some amount of traffic. People are working as full-time bloggers too. They earn their living through blogging. Different techniques like traffic through SEO, advertisement and affiliate marketing, and many others are used to earn money through blogging. We will not discuss that here. Here I am just suggesting you start a blog.

Coming back to my story, finally I decided to blog about what I will learn now. My previous experiences and new learnings will now be shared through blogs with different people. Yes, I will still be afraid to think what other people will think about my content, how will my content work in this crowd of talented bloggers? But for now, I will think of my own. I will try to be a better blogger than my previous self. I am my own competition for now and I will write not for others but for myself.

So what are you waiting for? Just sign up on the hash node and start blogging. If this motivates and inspires you to start blogging, give me thumbs up and mention your blog in the comment below. I will surely read it. Happy blogging happy life.